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Due to the unfortunate recent passing of Jacqui, the owner of KarmasHerbs.com, we no longer have a distributor in Canada. You may continue to order our products through our site, OjibwaTea.com.

We know you join us in mourning Jacqui. She will be missed.

Thank you.

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Welcome to OjibwaTea.com

Essiac tea, Ojibwa Tea of Life™ Essiac Herbal Extract (tincture), & bottled pre-brewed tea. Certified organic and ethically wild crafted original four herb Rene Caisse essiac tea.

Featured Product respiracalm and equina flourish

Respiracalm and Equina Flourish

Replacing our popular Equinabine and Equine Colon Comfort products

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Ojibwa Tea

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ provides organic and wild-crafted herbal products. Ojibwa (special essiac blend - root, leaf, and seed), along with natural botanical products, resources and information to assist you in making good decisions for your health.

Our Certified organic and ethically wild crafted herbs are gently formulated to provide a full spectrum of therapeutic and life enhancing benefits. Shop now and see what we have to offer.

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Support whole body gentle purifying detox cleansing with revitalizing botanicals.

New! Julia's Wellness Balance Tonics

allergy special

Conscious healing for body, mind and spirit

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Your pets' health is important too!


Spark your pets' health with Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic, and PetEssiance teas. Created by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, and Ojibwa Tea of Life.

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Skin Creams

skin care products

Summer's here! 2 great new skin care additions.

Your skin works hard to take care of you - return the favor! Analgesic balms and creams offer soothing protection and moisturization.

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Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is proud to be affiliated with
Puna Wai Ora Mind-Body Center

Presenting The Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD: Uncovering and Releasing Toxic Negative Emotions

There is much evidence to suggest that repressed anger, hate, resentment and grief are the root emotional causes leading to the development of cancer.

The Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD will help you to release these harmful negative emotions that lead to dangerous, cancer-causing stress.

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Vitamin Cottage

Ojibwa Tea of Life ™ at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers: now serving Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming!

Offered at Vitamin Cottage:

* Ojibwa Tea of Life™
  Dry Herbal Tea
* Essence of Ojibwa Tea of Life™
* Ojibwa Native Healing Balm

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We do not dispense medical advice. Although we may have the answers, current laws dictate that it is out of our realm of authority. Please consult your own personal health advisor.

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ - Special Blend Essiac contains Sheep Sorrel (root, leaf, and seed); Burdock (root and seed); Slippery Elm (inner bark); and Turkey Rhubarb

Nemenhah Ceritfied for use as a Ceremonial Sacrament in traditional Native American Healing.
Governing Law: 42 USC Chapter 21c; 2000; c

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ products do not contain dairy, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, animal products or common allergens.

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* Governing Laws: U.S. Constitution, NAFERA (Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act of 1993), Religious Freedom Restoration Act 1993, United Nations Resolution on Indigenous Peoples, Nemenhah Constitution