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Allergies: Part 6 of 7

Desensitization Therapy The use of drugs may be a high price to pay for relief of a stuffy nose and watery eyes. Desensitization therapy involves the injection of increasing amounts of allergens in a salt solution. Usually, the patient can expect only temporary relief at best, and the process may take years to achieve results. Even though this […]

Allergies: Part 5 of 7

Prescription Drugs In addition to over-the-counter products, prescription drugs are another common approach to allergy control. The most common of the hundreds of allergy drugs are the antihistamines and the cortisone derivatives. Antihistamines may help alleviate some allergy symptoms, but they have to be taken constantly. Their side effects are many. “Thickening of the bronchial secretions” is one of […]

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