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Hello and welcome from all us here at Ojibwa Tea of Life™! We want to thank you for visiting our Web site. Thank you for your loyal patronage, and for inviting us to share in your health. Since we cannot personally visit with each of you, we invite you to peruse the information on this page.

Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. We also invite you to share your comments in confidence to suggest ways in which we may serve you better. If you have additional ideas to add to this page, contact

It is our passion to bring you products that contribute to your well being. Since 1993 the tea, Ojibwa of Life™, has been our original flagship product. We have also been offering several additional products to enhance your natural lifestyle.

We hope this serves to answer questions and concerns.


We have been in business for almost 20 years. We are not a “new kid on the block” as many other sellers are. The company owner grew up 7 hours away from where the remedy originated. Our owner retains both educational and spiritual qualifications, and training (see biography of The Tea Lady) that make her more than qualified to offer this or any traditional remedy that may enhance wellness.

We provide USA grown, Certified organic and ethically wild crafted herbs, gently formulated to provide a full spectrum of therapeutic and life enhancing benefits.

We are supplied by a USA family-owned farm. Fresh herbs arrive to us every other week. The farms we use are certified Organic by Quality Assurance International and/or by Oregon Tilth. In fact, sometimes they are so fresh because they may be harvesting herbs at the time of our order!

For greater detail, please visit our page on the quality of our herbs.

In addition to Ojibwa Tea of Life™, co-packed by cGMP, Rocky Mountain Spice, other products are prepared at Branded Sauces, a certified Tri-County Health Department Commissary/food facility kitchen.

(Note: many other companies purchase from large supply houses, and do not know the “origin” of their herbs or products. Their herbs come from out of the country, and may be sprayed or EO gassed.)

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is packaged fresh per order, in small batches to allow for efficacy and freshness. (Many small companies or individuals do NOT pack their products in a certified clean room but in their home, garage, basement, etc.). Many individuals also have no training of any sort in the health field!

Our advisors and professional affiliations include a licensed veterinarian, naturopathic doctor, homeopath, medical doctor, Osteopathic doctor, Chiropractor, and Acupuncturist, who may consult with or for our company.

We continue to offer the original 4 herb Ojibwa Tea of Life™ formula due to the recognition, and awareness of the remedy. Other companies choose to add other herbs; however, research from numerous sources shows that Rene Caisse experimented with adding other herbs to the original four, only to always go back to the original four herb essiac! This does not make the 8 herbs formula superior, and in our expertise and 16 years of experience we have chosen to keep with the four herbs. There are so many reasons why we do not wish to add the other herbs; some are stimulators and some are not recommended for long term use. Once again, Rene Caisse always went back to the original four herbs! If one does the research on the additions that some other companies add, they may realize that it is best to keep with the original four.

We do not offer samples. Here is our evaluation. The body takes time to heal, and the small amount of product we could include in a sample would not allow enough time for it to assist in creating the changes you may see with long-term use. Each person’s body has a different constitution—from heredity, a current health condition, or active illness. It takes time for ANY product to have a noticeable impact. Herbal products and supplements generally produce results in about a month, give or take. It is always best to try a new product for a month to six weeks in order to fully experience how it may work for you.

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is available at over 40 American retail outlets. We also offer our products through relationships with additional health related internet sites and individuals.

Health stores in particular have extremely high criteria and quality assurance requirements. In order to carry our products in and for us to be involved in retail sales, a manufacturer MUST comply and follow the rules set by a retail outlet. Ojibwa Tea of Life™ has met that requirement! Additionally, the credentials of the practitioners and individuals who offer our products have certain qualifications for themselves as well as us.

Remember the saying “you get what you pay for?” A company or individual who is providing USA grown certified organic herbs, proper packaging, proper GMP-certified packaging, and labeling, obtains credentials and training. Do they follow (or even know) the local laws in their area? Those who are really concerned with quality, ethics and legalities will not be able to pass off a cheap “essiac” product or any natural product. Some may be selling the cheapest herbs that they can get, packaged in unclean conditions, and they may not even know the laws of their area!

It is against the law to make health claims and to suggest that any natural health care product will “cure” disease. Therefore, because we are NOT medical practitioners, we do not attest to the suitability of our products for any medical, psychological, or injurious conditions.

This is frowned upon by law. Also, what helps a particular individual does not necessarily help another! Everyone has different body chemistry and no herb or supplement is a “one size fits all!” To claim that any remedy can help everyone is not only a false statement, but unfair at that!

If you read our web site, please notice that our first concern is about healing on ALL levels, physical, emotional, and most of all, the Spiritual components of your life.

In true Native American healing so many factors are involved! First and foremost is prayer, addressing the issues of the Spiritual being, and the additional practices that encompass all aspects of healing. In indigenous healing, the elder generally prepares “medicine” that is particular for that individual’s needs.

We strive to bring the very best natural, exceptional, distinctive wellness products to our clients.

Please understand that the web site should be able to answer almost all of your questions. Detailed directions arrive with your order.

In the event of a technical concern with your order, customercare -at- ojibwatea -dot- com is available to answer your questions.

We apologize! We are not allowed to answer these types of questions. Please consult your personal medical advisor.

If they are of a technical nature, please email customercare -at- ojibwatea -dot- com.

With the current economy, a full time office person is not feasible. We prefer to keep these types of costs to a bare necessity and not pass them on to our customer. With rising costs of raw materials (herbs), fuel, packaging, etc. we have only raised our prices a few times in the 20 years of our business. In fact, we have lowered them at times! When our growers have raised prices to us, we have NOT raised them to our customers unless it has been absolutely necessary. We have tried to keep our prices at a consistent level.

Kathy in shipping tries to get orders out within 24 – 48 hours. Overnight orders if placed by phone or fax request, can ship overnight in most cases. This requires additional expense from Fed Ex or USPS (Post Office).

Please contact us at customercare -at- ojibwatea -dot- com or 303-571-9303 to check and make sure that it has not been lost in the mail!. Kathy in shipping is excellent and on occasion the Post Office or FedEx has misplaced an order!

If you have any other additional questions or comments that you would like us to consider posting, please email them to support. Let us know how we may better serve you!

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