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Michelle Kalevik

Michelle Kalevik is owner of Ojibwa Tea of Life™ and a partner of Wild Indigo Trading Company, a wellness resource company for over 300 herbs and natural supplies.


Michelle Kalevik is a Master Herbalist, and retains certifications in CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant), Homeopathy/Homotoxicology, Medical Aromatherapy Level I. and a CRM (Certified Reiki Master).

In 2008, Michelle was honored with a Certification as a Medicine Woman/Spiritual Leader in the Oklevueha Native American Church of San Pete. She continued her dedicated studies with the Nemenhah Seminary for over nine years.

Her early formal education began with Associate and Bachelors degrees in Early Childhood Education. While residing in the United Kingdom from 1977-79, she pursued graduate studies in counseling. Michelle’s varied background is pertinent to the dedication of her work as owner of Ojibwa Tea of Life™. Additional areas of note are published articles on the use of Ojibwa Tea of Life, natural health research, and founder of a natural wellness support group.


“I encourage others to follow their hearts by listening to one’s own inner wisdom. By pursuing the myriad of natural health modalities available, healing becomes a process. Seeking inner wisdom and Spiritual answers, a powerful enlightening transformation of growth occurs. My mission is to share the knowledge and availability of herbal remedies and natural healing modalities, by assisting individuals in locating resources and choices that perhaps they are unaware of.

Years of research and communion have led me to the awareness of Native American culture. Nothing is done without prayer, whether beginning a new day or conducting a ceremony. Treatment of oneself must first start with the Spirit, then the mind and lastly the body, according to how we were created. For the Native American, Medicine, or the power to heal, is generated by Spiritual Practice. Through dreams one is guided to new plant allies. In quiet moments, they are inspired to use therapies involving roots, barks and leaves, minerals, water, air and fire.”

Michelle also has a certificate from Bastyr University in Healing AIDS: Beyond Conventional Medicine. Her passion for understanding Indigenous and cultural medicines allowed her to participate in an initiation into the Order of Michael in September 2001. She was initiated by Mini Wiconi Waste We (which translates to Beautiful woman of the waters of life), also known as Rev. Kari Chapman. Rev. Chapman is a Pipe Carrier of the Ojibwa Tradition and guardian of the Namaste Retreat Center in Wisconsin.

Michelle founded Wild Indigo Trading Company, a wellness resource company, that supplied over 300 herbs and natural supplies. Michelle is a distributor and agent for wellness products that offer integrity and ethical representation such as Ajebine™ Capsules and Powder. Ajebine is the botanical herb called funtumia elastica spp., used for our respiratory health.

Michelle and Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, CRM, have created a wellness support product line for natural health in horses. Please visit to learn more about these excellent products!

Her company also assists others by networking and locating natural resources, complimentary health professionals, and treatment centers. She believes that by facilitating and educating individuals, one becomes empowered to participate in their own healing process!

Varied endeavors also include custom herbal formulations for a Naturopathic doctor and Anti Aging Research Center. Herbs contain different biochemical constituents and formulas that must work synergistically. These formulas are created by preparing proprietary blends that enhance medicinal constituents of the herbs, sourcing raw materials (herbs) from the purest environment that are either organically grown or ethically wild-crafted. This is critical to ensure that these herbs are not contaminated by pesticides or any other noxious contaminants.

Prior to preparing the formula, a decision is made as to the herbal preparation of the most efficacious offering of that particular blend, to be prepared as a tea or extracted for use as an extract. Herbs can be utilized for almost any human or animal condition. Our formulas are prepared as herbal tea, extracts, soaps or salves. Some additional ways herbs are also prepared include capsules, decoctions, oils, poultices, infusions, bolus, etc.

Herbal Medicine has been around since the beginning of time. Virtually every primitive culture discovered curative properties of specific plants that grew in their location. Throughout the world, the practice of phyto medicine evolved. Legends and written accounts of herbal treatments have been found in hundreds of ancient texts and powerfully attest to their impressive ability to not only ease symptoms of disease, but to heal and nourish the body as well. Herbs listed by Dioscorides in the Materia Medica were applied for over fourteen centuries! Many European and Asian countries continue to study the use of herbal preparations. Clearly as scores of clinical studies continually emerge on the efficacy of herbs, others are paying attention – Mother Nature offers us natural components capable of safely healing the human body. Today, scientific research supports the ancient idea of herbal “marriages.” Combining certain herbs together creates a more suitable therapeutic effect that is supported by clinical studies. It is important to remember that the interactions between certain botanicals can even be more important than the individual properties of each contributing herb. Well-designed herbal formulas can exert impressive therapeutic effects for many maladies.

“My passion as an herbalist and natural health researcher, expands over 23 years of study and continued experience. My formal education is combined with honored time shared with traditional Elders as teachers.”

Her years of research and communion with the Native American Culture has contributed to an even greater awareness. Most indigenous cultures have perfected the art of “deep listening” – stilling the mind’s chatter enough to make room for quiet subtle voices of Spirit and nature. This ability to listen has developed healers and therapeutic techniques that sometimes defy scientific explanation – some call it faith. Medicine is the respect for all life, the practice of giving back to Mother Earth and prayers for health. Indigenous healers know that a plant acts more powerfully when one gives thanks and honors its spirit. Herbal formulas are a gift from nature. There is a legend about a Chippewa (Ashnabe, the original Ojibwe people) who described three types of healers in his culture: those who heal with their hands, those who heal with herbs, and those who heal with their minds, through teaching and educating others.

Personal illness motivated Michelle to take responsibility for seeking alternative paths rather than have radical surgery. Profound healing began as a process on many levels: spiritual, emotional, physical.

“This healing journey led me to becoming an natural health practitioner. As one of my many choices for wellness, I formulated a Native American remedy and created a company called Ojibwa Tea of Life™.”

The journey of natural health, active individual growth, and personal experience continue after 18 years of research. Michelle divides her time between Denver and the Pacific Northwest, traveling to locations to continue the journey of knowledge. In September 1998, she spoke on a health radio show in Rhode Island about Ojibwa Tea of Life™ and Native American healing. Additional experiences include a personal healing ceremony with Lakota Medicine Men Godfrey and Charles Chipps and Lakota Grandmother Elder, Victoria Chipps.


One of the most recent success stories for the use of Ojibwa Tea of Life™ Is with Autism, included in the book Unraveling The Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, by Karyn Seroussi. Many children and families throughout the world are using Ojibwa Tea of Life™ as part of their wellness protocol.

Michelle is honored to be a member of the following associations:

  • Herb Growing & Marketing Network
  • American Herbalists Guild
  • Herb research Foundation
  • United Plant Savers
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