Autoshp/Recurring FAQ

What is the Autoship/Recurring Program?

The Autoship/Recurring Program is a convenient and cost-effective way to have products delivered right to your door. Autoship/Recurring subscribers can also take advantage of up to 15% savings on eligible products.

How does the Autoship/Recurring Program work?

Based on the frequency you choose; we will automatically charge you and send the selected item(s). No need to log on to place re-orders. We’ll do it for you.

How do I join Autoship/Recurring Program?

To create a Autoship/Recurring subscription is simple. It can be done directly on any eligible product detail page. To subscribe, simply select an Autoship/Recurring product, click on the “Product” dropdown and choose your preferred quantity/shipment frequency, add to the shopping cart and check out as you normally would.

Who is eligible for Autoship/Recurring Program?

Only orders shipping to addresses within the United States and its territories are eligible for Autoship/Recurring Program.

What products are eligible in the Autoship/Recurring Program?

Certain items are eligible for the Autoship/Recurring Program. Look for the Autoship/Recurring logo or click on the “Autoship” link to view which items are currently eligible.

How frequently will I receive my Autoship/Recurring subscriptions?

That’s entirely up to you! You have full control to set your own delivery schedule at the time of your initial order ranging from 1- 2 months depending on the item/product. If you need a different frequency option, please call the office at (941) 214-8601

If I subscribe to multiple items for Autoship/Recurring Program, will they ship at same time?

Yes, depending on your set frequency at time of order. For example, based on a single order, if you have one product subscription that ships every 30 days and a separate one that ships every 60 days, every other month you would receive one box with both subscriptions in it. However, if you create separate subscription orders on different days, you will only be shipped based on the original date of order.


What if I want to change my Autoship/Recurring selection?

Changes can be made any time prior to your next scheduled shipment date. The following is a list of changes that need to be made at administrative level:

  • To change a shipping date or skip a shipment
  • Change your shipment frequency
  • Change or add to an item/product
  • Pause an Autoship/Recurring Subscription
  • Cancel my Autoship/Recurring Subscription

Any of the above changes, contact Ancient Elements via phone call (941) 214-8601 or email at

How do I make changes to my Autoship/Recurring account information?

  • To review or modify your account information, log into your account. Click on the ‘My Account’ link (at the top of the website, right side). You will be able to make the following changes
  • To make changes to the billing and/or shipping address, go to the ‘Personal Information’ section.
  • To change the credit/debt card, go to the ‘Payment Setting’ section. Delete the current card information and replace with updated card. (Make sure that the billing address for the credit card matches the info under.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If changing your payment method, make sure you check the box – “Apply this payment method change to my auto ship order” which is located above “Choose the Payment Method”

Please remember to verify that your updated information saved successfully.


What happens if there is a change in price to an item I've subscribed for in Autoship/Recurring Program?

You will receive an "Upcoming Order" email that will communicate if there are any price changes, and what you can expect to pay for your next delivery.

What happens if my Autoship/Recurring subscription product is out of stock?

If an Autoship/Recurring product is temporarily out of stock, you will receive an email notification. Once the product is back in stock, it will be shipped to you. If an Autoship/Recurring product is discontinued, you'll be notified via email and future Autoship/Recurring shipments for the discontinued product will be cancelled.

Got questions? Please call us at (941) 214-8601 and we’ll help you set up an Autoship/Reccuring subscription tailored just for you!!