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Variations in Essiac Herb Color and Flavor

“Why do some essiac herbs vary in color and flavor from batch to batch?” We get this question a fair amount, and it’s usually accompanied by customers worrying about the quality of their tea. Generally it’s along the lines of: Is there something wrong with my batch? Is this order less efficacious than the last […]

Different Forms of Essiac Tea

If you look through our online store, you’ll see that we offer our essiac in a variety of forms. We have: Loose leaf herbs Pre-brewed tea in bottles Essiac extract/tonic Which form is right for you? First of all, all three of these forms are the same product. We use the original, 4-herb essiac formula […]

Ojibwa Tea of Life and Essiac Pricing

Let’s be clear up front: there are other essiac sellers out there, some of them selling the tea at lower prices than we offer at Ojibwa Tea of Life. It may sound odd, but we’re not afraid to admit that. That’s because we don’t compete on price – we compete on value. The Most Important […]

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Our Herbal Expertise

Our company owner, Michelle Kalevik, is a master herbalist. (Looking for more details? Sure you are! Read all about the Tea Lady.) Michelle is responsible for producing the Ojibwa Tea of Life product, our original 4-herb Rene Caisse blend of essiac tea. In addition, we work with an array of other professionals in complimentary fields. […]

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