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Getting to the Root of Sheep Sorrel

“Does Ojibwa Tea of LifeTM contain whole plant sheep sorrel?” It’s one of the most common questions we are asked. Why is Essiac containing whole plant sheep sorrel so hard to find?

At Ojibwa Tea of LifeTM, we use the original four-herb Essiac formula that was refined and promoted by Nurse Rene Caisse. This formula contains burdock root, slippery elm inner bark, turkey rhubarb, and, arguably most importantly, sheep sorrel leaf, stem, flower, seeds, and root.

The root of the sheep sorrel plant is very fine – almost like a hair or a thread. Because of this, sheep sorrel root is nearly impossible to harvest commercially.  We have spoken with many suppliers of botanicals – both large, commercial suppliers and smaller farms – and nearly all of them have found it impossible to offer sheep sorrel complete with roots due to the labor and time intensive process that is necessary to harvest the whole plant.  One organic farmer that we spoke with did make several attempts to gather sheep sorrel with the roots, but found the process to be unsustainable due to the time, expense, and expertise it required.

Due to this lack of availability, the vast majority of Essiac on the market does not include sheep sorrel root. Luckily, Ojibwa Tea of LifeTM has been fortunate enough to partner with a family owned, certified organic farm that is able to provide us with wild crafted whole plant sheep sorrel.

Our farmer takes on the arduous task of lovingly harvesting the wild sheep sorrel by hand to preserve the delicate roots. The harvest must occur at the proper times of year to ensure that the plant is in its most nutritious and efficacious form. The farmer also must take great care to prevent overharvesting of the herb from its natural environment and ensure that harvests will continue to be plentiful in years to come.

Ojibwa Tea of LifeTM purchases hundreds of pounds of whole plant wild crafted sheep sorrel at a time so that you can be assured that it is always included in our tea. For more information about the importance of whole plant sheep sorrel in Essiac, the writings of Mali Klein are excellent resources.

Variations in Essiac Herb Color and Flavor

farm“Why do some essiac herbs vary in color and flavor from batch to batch?”

We get this question a fair amount, and it’s usually accompanied by customers worrying about the quality of their tea. Generally it’s along the lines of:

  • Is there something wrong with my batch?
  • Is this order less efficacious than the last order I got?
  • Have the herbs gone rotten or rancid somehow?
  • Are the herbs safe?
  • Are there different herbs in this order?

First of all, allow us to assure you that the herbs are safe, and our formula remains the same as it’s always been. We follow the original 4-herb formula as described by nurse Rene Caisse. (More details here and here!)

So what’s going on? Why do some batches of the essiac herbs have different colors and/or flavors? Read More »

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Different Forms of Essiac Tea

otl-all-300If you look through our online store, you’ll see that we offer our essiac in a variety of forms. We have:

  • Loose leaf herbs
  • Pre-brewed tea in bottles
  • Essiac extract/tonic

Which form is right for you?

First of all, all three of these forms are the same product. We use the original, 4-herb essiac formula that nurse Rene Caisse used. While it’s true that she experimented with an 8-herb formula, she always came back to these same four original herbs as being the most efficacious.

These herbs are:

  1. Sheep sorrel
  2. Burdock root
  3. Slippery Elm bark
  4. Turkey (or Indian) Rhubarb

All three forms of our tea include these constituents, and so all three are equally effective. Whichever form you choose, you’ll get the same results.

Now that that’s out of the way, which one is the right choice for you? Let’s look at the details for each. Read More »

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Our Herbal Expertise

Our company owner, Michelle Kalevik, is a master herbalist. (Looking for more details? Sure you are! Read all about the Tea Lady.)

Michelle is responsible for producing the Ojibwa Tea of Life product, our original 4-herb Rene Caisse blend of essiac tea.

In addition, we work with an array of other professionals in complimentary fields. These include:

  • herbalists
  • nutritional consultants
  • homeopaths
  • naturopathic doctors
  • veterinarians
  • health care practitioners

These partners are familiar with how natural formulas may be a helpful adjunct to one’s health and wellness.

Watch out for other companies who offer “testimonials” or otherwise make claims about the suitability of their product to cure a given disease. As we mentioned previously, health is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Companies who are more concerned with making money than they are with providing actual benefit to their customers will say anything they believe will help them make a sale. In many cases they may not even be qualified to address those health concerns!

We at Ojibwa Tea of Life highly value ethics. Although we have quite a depth of knowledge regarding herbs and wellness, we recognize that we cannot diagnose an individual’s health issues. We will, therefore, often refer customers to healthcare professionals, clinics, and other resources that are better suited to offer individual health consultations.

Why Other Sellers Offer Cheaper – “Discounted” – Essiac

Many other essiac sellers offer less expensive, “discounted” essiac. Buyer beware! In order to offer such lower prices, these other sellers must sacrifice the quality and efficacy of their herbs.

It is a trivial matter to purchase from a large supply house and re-package herbs that have already been blended. Anyone can do that! As the customer, it’s important that you consider that many other marketers lack training and experience in wellness, herbology, and nutrition. Otherwise, they would know better than to use an inferior quality of any herb or nutritional product!

Contrast that with our owner/herbalist’s credentials. Be aware that there is a significant difference between “just selling” herbs, and having the background and the depth of knowledge and training to produce a superior product.

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