Different Forms of Essiac Tea

otl-all-300If you look through our online store, you’ll see that we offer our essiac in a variety of forms. We have:

  • Loose leaf herbs
  • Pre-brewed tea in bottles
  • Essiac extract/tonic

Which form is right for you?

First of all, all three of these forms are the same product. We use the original, 4-herb essiac formula that nurse Rene Caisse used. While it’s true that she experimented with an 8-herb formula, she always came back to these same four original herbs as being the most efficacious.

These herbs are:

  1. Sheep sorrel
  2. Burdock root
  3. Slippery Elm bark
  4. Turkey (or Indian) Rhubarb

All three forms of our tea include these constituents, and so all three are equally effective. Whichever form you choose, you’ll get the same results.

Now that that’s out of the way, which one is the right choice for you? Let’s look at the details for each.

Loose Leaf Tea/Herbs

The loose herbs, which you brew yourself at home, are the traditional form of essiac. There is a very specific process to brewing the tea (directions arrive with your order). This process can be time consuming, but it allows you to brew the exact amount you need at a time. If you need less – brew less! If you need more, brew more.

For your convenience, we offer the loose herbs in four different sizes: 6 weeks (2oz), 3 months (4oz), 1 pound, and 3 pounds.

Pre-Brewed Tea

We also offer our tea pre-brewed, in 32 fl. oz. (1 quart) bottles. This is the most convenient form of the tea, as there is no need to brew anything. Containing absolutely no preservatives or sweeteners, this tea consists of the 4-herb formula brewed in distilled, de-ionized water.


Finally, we offer our Ojibwa Tea of Life Herbal Extract. This 4 fl. oz. bottle with a dropper is very convenient for travelers, and perfect for hospitalized patients who use essiac tea. Adding a few drops to warm water will produce a decoction exactly like what you would get if you brewed the tea yourself.

This is the only essiac product we do NOT recommend for children, as alcohol is used in the production of the tonic. The alcohol dissipates in water, but all the same we recommend this product for adults only.

Choose Your Own Adventure

With all the options available, you’re sure to find a form of essiac that meets your needs. Use this guide as a reference!

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