Equine Products on Sale

horseIt’s that time of year again! Soon your horse will be bombarded with allergens as we move into fall.

Now is the time to stock up on horse allergy remedies! Ojibwa Tea of Life offers several Equina Wellness products to keep your horse happy, healthy and free from allergies.

Respiracalm: our newest formulation, which replaces our popular Equinabine product, supports healthy respiratory and immune system function. On sale now for $65.99, or 2+ for $59.40 each.

Equina Broncho Tea: A unique blend of herbs designed to protect and heal your horse’s respiratory system, promote blood vessel integrity, and support the immune system. On sale now for $34.20, or 2+ for $33.00 each.

Equina Nasal Balm: “Aromatherapy” for your horse’s sensitive olfactory and respiratory systems. On sale now for $29.07, or 2+ for $25.75 each.

Equina Flourish: an advanced blend of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and herbs that support the horse’s digestive system, immune system, and joint health. On sale now for $82.53, or 2+ for $74.28 each.

These sale prices are so low, we can’t offer them for very long. Hurry and order yours to relieve your horse’s allergies this season!

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