Equinabine – Respiratory Relief for Horses

Note: Equinabine is back in stock! Until further notice, Respiracalm will not be available, and the original Equinabine (funtumia elastica) may be purchased instead.


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Equinabine is formulated from the same funtumia elastica as found in our popular Ajebine product.

Among funtumia elastica’s scientifically proven health benefits:

  • Antioxidant, to reduce inflammation-causing molecules in the body
  • Antifungal, to inhibit mold particles that commonly cause allergies COPD
  • Immune-modulating, to decrease the over-reactive immune response to allergens
  • Anti-inflammatory compounds, to protect the lungs from the harmful effects of inflammation

Equinabine is 100% natural, free from heavy metal contamination, and completely safe.

Please read our informative article on respiratory conditions in horses.

Buy Equinabine Now

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