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Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is an “essiac” four-herb formula. It contains Burdock Root (Arctium lappa), Sheep Sorrel (Acetosella vulgaris/ Rumex Acetosella polygonaceae) whole herb, Turkey Rhubarb Root (rheum palmatum) Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva) Powder. This formula is prepared according to tradition.
Note: These herbs are to be used in the manner as root, plant and powder as directed. The structures are for the remedy to be most efficacious. They are not to all be powdered and broken down.

According to nurse Rene Caisse, who used and prepared the tea, the following herbs always powdered:

  • Sheep Sorrel (leaf and seed)
  • Turkey/Indian Rhubarb
  • Slippery Elm bark

These herbs are always cut:

  • Burdock root
  • Sheep Sorrel root

This formula, based on a decoction originally developed and used by the Canadian Ojibwa Indians. Brought to awareness, this herbal tea made famous by Canada’s Cancer Nurse, Rene Caisse, who treated the terminally ill with remarkable success for over 50 years beginning in 1922. Thousands expounded that “she had eased their suffering, or ended it entirely and restored them to full health.”

Perhaps our best endorsements are the experiences and loyalty of our cherished clients, the fact that we are mentioned in books, and that Ojibwa Tea of Life™ has been here for people and pets for almost 20 years. Our involved professionals continue to offer expert care and concern to our clients; wholesale accounts remain pleased with the products; individuals that prepare our teas, and other exceptional vendors, value our partnership in offering their excellent and unique products.

It is not in compliance with federal law, and no one will have exactly the same experience. Each individual has a unique DNA structure, health condition, physical and spiritual makeup; therefore, no one will have the exact same experience with ANY remedy.

Yes, but always be sure to check the area on the order form to indicate that a child will be using a product, so that the proper directions are sent. If there is an option for additional literature, we highly suggest that you order that as well. Always consult your health care practitioner!

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ has been used for pet health and wellness. When ordering for a pet there is an area on the order form where you can let us know that you would like pet directions. We have had wonderful feedback from pet owners. Our renowned and deeply respected pet advisor, Dr Jean Hofve, DVM, recently retired as Editor in Chief of the American Holistic Veterinarian Journal. She is also available for private (fee) consultations. We also have products specifically for pets.

Please do NOT freeze the herbs! This can create moisture and allow mold to grow, as well as break the cellular membrane of any delicate herb.

We give proper storage directions when purchasing a large amount of tea and also provide extra directions just in case you wish to share you tea with others, or misplace the directions. Many people like to order a larger amount to share with others.

Many of our products offer a volume discount when purchasing more than one as this also allows for a longer time to use the product and not run out!

At times our growers or suppliers may raise or lower prices due to harvest and availability. When possible, we like to pass the savings to our clients. Volume discounts may also be available as well as discounts to health care Professionals, wholesale pricing to stores, and other arrangements for someone in great need. As a personal company, purchasing only domestic herbs every other week, we strive to offer quality and value. We are not the “discount store” and offer excellent product for value. If there is an increase in a price for raw goods, packaging, essential oils, or postal fees: some of these are beyond our control.

International orders may be placed directly through our website.  Some exceptions apply.  We are unable to ship to Australia, Germany, or New Zealand due to customs regulations.  The 32 oz bottled Ojibwa Tea of Life™ cannot be shipped outside of the USA as the large glass bottles do not hold up well to international shipping and are too likely to break in transit.

We try to phone you back within a few hours or at least within a day. Perhaps we are on delivery, at the lab, or health store training. Orders are processed within 24-48 hours and packed fresh per order. You can leave a phone message at 303-571-9303 and it is best to use the web site to order more expeditiously. We care about our clients but want the best, freshest product for you too!

You may place the order online in our shopping cart. Once you place the order, the online shopping cart will calculate the total, along with the USPS priority mail fee. If the cart calculates an overage, we will refund any amount that is more than the actual shipping. We do not add any extra handling fees, and have found that international orders are most reliable to be sent via the United States Postal Service.

You will need to contact us by 11 a.m. Mountain Time for the order to be processed and shipped the same day and over-nighted. You will need to fax us all of the payment information, product required, the ship to and bill to information and the credit card information with name, address, phone number, card number, expiration date and the CVV code on the back (last 3 digits). Our fax is 303-316-3971. Sorry, we can NOT take an overnight order via email. Fax or phone us please.

Fees are calculated via USPS by weight. We do NOT add any extra fees for handling etc. Shipping via FedEx can be arranged if you contact us by FAX or PHONE. is on a secure server. Furthermore, all payments are processed through a secure payment portal that meets the most stringent PCI-DSS compliance rules. That means when placing an order, the transaction goes from your bank to our bank. We do not even see your credit card information.

While other marketers sell an 8 herb formula, only because Nurse Caisse experimented with other herbs, there are several books and resources that cite that Rene Caisse stayed with the original 4 herb essiac and other marketers changed the formula after her death. One should consult herbal references as well as their practitioner.

The original essiac decoction utilizes a blend of the 4 herbs. Some of the other herbs that have been added to the 8-herb formula may contain irritating or stimulating herbs. Some of the herbs in the 8-herb formula should not be taken every day. For example, red clover, in the 8-herb formula, is estrogenic in nature, and should not be taken be someone with an “estrogen” dominant tumor (i.e. ovarian, breast, uterine, etc.).

Rene Caisse experimented with many versions of her formula. She tested decoctions of each herb until the eight original herbs were gradually modified down to the four in the formula, as we know it today.

The tea could be taken PRIOR to other treatments to help support the immune system and STOPPED at least seven days before beginning the allopathic treatments. In the event that the allopathic treatment has been started, then the tea SHOULD NOT be taken until at least 7-10 days after the allopathic treatment. It goes without saying that your medical practitioner should always be consulted.

The efficacy of the four herbs may assist in normalizing and balancing the body systems by cleansing the blood, eliminating toxic build up, promoting cell repair and aiding in effective assimilation and elimination. When these herbs are combined it is believed that the synergy of beneficial effects are enhanced. These days there is wide spread interest in blended and naturopathic medicine, along with deeper awareness of the human immune system. This formula is being used with popularity among alternative formulas.

In the United States and other countries, “NO extensive clinical studies have been performed as yet which would provide conclusive evidence that Rene Caisse’s herbal formula will alleviate, cure or prevent any disease or condition.”

Again, the particular structure of these herbs must be either brewed as a decoction, prepared as an extract, or pre made (also brewed). These are the manners in which this formula has shown efficacy in the years of its availability.

Liquid teas offer more bioavailability. With this particular formula, and the nature of “Essiac” traditional 4 herbs, liquids tend to be fresher and more efficacious. Herbs made by further manufacturing into a capsule for an “essiac” formula, can lose potency and effectiveness. It is known that the body best utilizes “essiac” in a liquid form as a decoction, extract or pre-made tea. Liquids are more readily absorbable. This formula must be prepared specifically in order to retain its effectiveness.

We offer Ojibwa Tea of Life™ as a 4 oz extract. Many individuals prefer to take an extract because it tends to be more concentrated, easier to use for work or travel. It is best suited for adults. If one does not like to have the alcohol of the extract, the alcohol can be dissipated. The alcohol in an extract can be evaporated by putting the dose in boiled distilled water and letting it sit for about seven minutes as this will not affect the sensitive herbal constituents. Do not cook or boil your dosage, as this will affect the sensitive herbal constituents. Please do not microwave the tea or water.

Contact Please reference your order number or the batch number from the bag.

Directions for brewing and the amount to take arrive with your order.

This is the traditional brew as Nurse Caisse prepared it for her patients as well as the traditional Native American way to use herbs. A decoction is the “traditional” manner in which this particular remedy is prepared.

The same herb can be grown and treated in the same manner yet contain different natural chemical composition. The altitude, air quality, and soil conditions affect potency. All any manufacturer can do is to try these same herbs grown at different growing regions. Herbs should be natural and unadulterated – organically grown or wild-crafted. Taste and color can vary slightly from batch to batch.

The sediments in the bottom of the bottle are the herbs and small fine particles that are part of the tea itself. Please *gently* shake the bottle to disperse all the particles, just prior to pouring the amount that you are going to consume. They are harmless! They will always appear in the bottle and settle in the bottom when the brew has been sitting.

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ herbal formula is a traditionally brewed 4 herb original form of “essiac” as created by Nurse Rene Caisse. For your convenience, it is packaged in different sizes, depending on your requirements, and what the frequency and usage will be. Over the many years of longevity and consumer feedback, we have created different ways and sizes in which we offer the tea.

Your health is most important… and quality is what is most important. Our domestic fresh herbs are packed fresh per order, batched in small lots for freshness. We know our products and where and how they are sourced for our clients. Can you imagine a large supply house trying to track down the origin of their herbs? Our herbs are not sitting on a shelf in a shop, with the customer wondering about the location that the herbs came from or how long they have been there! FRESH and domestic is most important! Our products, whether sold to the individual, health care professional, or health store, are purchased and delivered frequently to ensure fresh quality for our clientele.

Our people at or affiliated with Ojibwa Tea of Life are herbalists, nutritional consultants, homeopaths, naturopathic doctors etc. No medical claims are purported, as this is not in compliance with federal law. Any other company who makes claims or offers testimonials are not properly trained. Ethics are highly regarded by our company. We also refer consumers to health care professionals, clinics, and natural resources that are better suited to offer individual health consultations.

Please note: we are not affiliated with NOW™ company or any other company using the name Ojibwa Herbal Extract or Ojibwa Tea. We have been making these products for over 15 years and other companies have chosen to use a similar name on their products. Their products are not created in the same manner as ours.

To perhaps “save the consumer money” – to sway them to a product, which may be purchased in a ready made blend, some without proper proportions or ratios of the herbs. These are pre-blended for them by a large supply house.

So that they can offer a “discount” to the end user, on essiac that is of less quality to the consumer. “Cheaper and discounted” does not equal best quality. Anyone can purchase from a large supply house and re-package an already blended product that might be inferior to the consumer. Some cheaper marketers also are not herbal or nutrition trained – if they were, they would know better than to use an inferior quality of any herb or nutritional product! If they do not have any qualifications to answer any health queries, they are “just selling” herbs – with no knowledge or training to answer health related queries.

The herbs are sent every other week, fresh from the farm, and products are packaged and prepared at a facility that is a “certified, kosher organic clean room.”

We chose not to purchase our herbs from large supply houses. Most large supply houses do not offer fresh, domestic, certified organic herbs. Herbs that come from large (cheaper) supply houses generally source their herbs from overseas. These herbs, while cheaper, are sprayed, gassed or fumigated.

Essiac – Ojibwa Tea has been around since Native American, First Nations people, indigenous tribes and of course Nurse Rene Caisse, who used herbs to assist in natural healing and wellness. Ojibwa Tea of Life™ has been in business since 1994 with trained natural wellness and alternative health practitioners as the founders. Our founders and participants have tribal affiliations.

We were one of the very first companies when essiac was just becoming “known” by the general public because of the controversy that has surrounded Nurse Rene Caisse’s tea since its inception. Herbal, indigenous, worldwide natural healing has been around since ancient times. We are also aware that any Tribal name is not allowed to be trademarked. Other individuals and companies came after our incorporation, and used the name “Ojibwa Ta” as part or all of their company name. Many used this and confused folks long after we incorporated the name in 1994. Large and small companies used the word ESSIAC™ but they are aware that the word is trademarked, and our company owner has threatened lawsuits against those who improperly use the term ESSIAC™.

There is no true “proof” if the OJIBWE are the ones that Rene Caisse’s patient actually had her healing experience with. It is thought to have been an Ojibwa medicine man due to the location in Canada. What is known is that the medicine man was from the locale that Rene Caisse was in. However, First Nation people migrate and travel to whatever area they need, depending on the time of year, for their sustenance.

There are individuals and companies who believe that their “recipe” or formula are “the one” and this may confuse those who are seeking the original formula of the four herbs. There are many other considerations as well which are important in the process of preparing this wonderful healing tea. Large conglomerate companies do not take these into consideration, nor would they have the awareness or concern about additional issues.

Many prospective buyers allow money or cost to be a motivating factor. We also know that essiac pills and tea bags do not work due to the nature of why the tea is brewed or extracted. Tea bags and pills are not what Rene Caisse prepared or used, nor are they created by Medicine People.

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ products are Native certified, and we are one of the very few companies who include the WHOLE plant plus ROOT of Sheep Sorrel (rumex acteosella) and the seeds of burdock and sheep sorrel. Our process includes packing the old Native way with the proper herbs, along with our growers harvesting at the proper harvesting times. Proper motives of prayers and healing are a part of our process for preparation and creating our products.

We also know that there are other devoted, caring individuals who prepare the tea in the proper manner, with healing as their motivation – not profit at any cost.

There are many large companies that make products without the awareness and knowledge of healing. Many use large herb supply houses and offer the cheapest herbs, which may be sprayed or gassed when imported.

Our herbs are from certified organic farms and ethical wildcrafters, purchased from our small farm family growers every few weeks to ensure freshness and efficacy. Our primary concern is about healing and the contribution to wellness, and we strive to offer the very best herbs we can locate from our growers. We prepare our products fresh.

Laws dictate that products are prepared in certified clean room facilities that are cGMP. Many small companies abide by cGMP rules. Larger companies are subject to this law as well, however many are motivated strictly from a profit viewpoint. Cheap does not mean better, nor does “expensive” necessarily mean better. Offering the proper herbs, properly cultivated, which would make Nurse Rene Caisse and Native Peoples pleased. Integrity and knowledge are important to take into consideration.

Our concern for our clientele is that we offer the best products we can, along with knowledge, education, Native awareness of respect for Mother Earth, and the very best graciousness to Nurse Rene Caisse for her amazing contribution of this remedy to those who make it a part of their wellness ritual. We wish blessings, wellness and healing to all!

We purchase fresh herbs every other week from a small network farms and domestic (USA) growers, who are certified organic. The herbs are harvested at their peak of their growth cycle. Organic herbs are grown without pesticides and picked in harmony with the cycles of the day and season. We support small organic farmers as part of our mission. Some of the other herbs they offer are ethically wild -crafted. However, none are imported. Ojibwa Tea of Life™ uses certified organic or ethically wild-crafted herbs that are grown or ethically picked in the USA.

We hope that our products are beneficial, and thank you for your support.
We invite feedback, and please let us know how we may better serve you!

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