Native American Healing

Native Americans, as well as most indigenous cultures, consider Medicine, or the power to heal, to be generated by Spiritual Practice.


Medicine, is prayer and ceremony.

Medicine, takes into many modalities of healing – that is the use of massage, sweat baths, mud baths, mineral hot springs, decoctions of herbs, roots and barks, sunrays, pinewood air and smoke, and faith.

Medicine, is the respect for all life. The tea and packing are done the old way with the practice of giving back to Mother Earth and prayers for health. We treat this herbal formula as a gift of nature with the intention to help all on a journey to wellness.

In Native American culture, nothing is done without prayer, whether one is beginning a new day, or conducting a ceremony. Treatment of oneself must first start with the Spirit, then the mind and lastly the body, according to how we were created.

Resources and literature abound in regards to this healthful remedy.

Our herbal formulas are developed to share the elements of Native American, other indigenous remedies, as well as freshly created herbal teas and tonics. By using herbs in our daily life, we assist the plant kingdom to carry out its purpose on this planet. Herbs are nature’s forces that must be treated with respect. When herbs are brought together in a formula, they enter into a relationship, creating something new, more than the sum of separate ingredients. Great care and understanding must be taken to create a harmonious blend, one in which the herbs unite and become one in purpose and Spirit. Herein lies the important aspect of our working with the herbs.

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