Quality of Essiac Herbs in Ojibwa Tea of Life™

Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is pure, non-irradiated, and certified organic or wildcrafted.

The herbs that the Native people used were gathered mostly from the area in which they lived. However, the Ojibwa were one of the few tribes that traveled to obtain whatever herbs necessary for their medicinal needs. We work with a network of certified organic domestic farms and growers to ensure the best possible organic/non-irradiated herbs. Our herbs are gathered with respect, at the proper time of day and season. They are either used immediately or carefully dried and stored. All of our products are crafted form the finest ingredients and with the highest integrity!

Our Ojibwa Tea of Life™ (herb tea) is hand-packed and our Ojibwa Tea™ herbal extract is processed with hand press, never allowing electromagnetic frequencies to pollute the extract. Our preference is to batch small lots of herbs or extract at a time and to order herbs frequently to achieve maximum freshness for our tea drinkers. The facility used for our products is inspected by the State of Colorado and is a GMP, FDA-approved clean room to ensure cleanliness of the environment. Our labels are environmentally friendly using water or vegetable inks. Many individuals or companies do not follow the laws in their state – some don’t even know what the laws are! Before you purchase herbal products you may want to ask questions about packaging procedures! Crude products can be effective in small amounts if the raw herb or crude product has maintained its energetic (life force) quality.

We use herbs grown in the United States because many imported herbs undergo fumigation (gassing) and “protective” radiation. These processes can virtually destroy the potency of the herbs. The important point is to use no pesticides. Any of the following growing methods are acceptable:

  1. “Certified organic” herbs are cultivated crops grown without man-made chemicals. Many times, this certification is unavailable because certification is a complicated governmental procedure and takes significant time for the approval process.
  2. “Organic” herbs are cultivated as above, but without accreditation.
  3. “Wildcrafted” herbs grow in the wild (without man-made chemicals, of course). We feel this produces a heartier plant than a cultivated crop. We feel wildcrafted Sheep Sorrel is best — it is heartier and more nutrient-rich.
  4. “Commercially grown without pesticides” is self-explanatory.

Therefore, growing and harvesting techniques are as important as manufacturing. Exposing a plant to harsh growing environments or harsh processing can alter or damage it. A processed plant whose integrity has been maintained will possess attributes far beyond chemical constituents alone. These wonderful plants must be harvested from the earth with great respect and reverence as we receive the gifts of health and healing. Using plants in the freshest, most vital form possible is life enhancing for the entire planet. To retain the spiritual and life force of the plant energies, Ojibwa Tea of Life™ and packing are done the old way with the practice of giving back to Mother Earth and prayers for health.

We treat this herbal formula as a gift of nature with the intention to help all on a journey to wellness! Thank you for allowing us to share your process of health. We urge you to always seek the advice and support of your chosen health care practitioner!

Quality vs. Quantity

You may find cheaper herbs, but are they a better choice? Were they grown and processed by people dedicated to preserving the optimum potency and biological action after harvest? Is using five times as much of a cheaper herb to make a tea the same as using less of a quality herb? No. Lesser grade herbs are sometimes so inactive that even large amounts may lack the medicinal constituents.

Why “certified” organic?

Today there are hundreds of synthetic poisons available to agriculturists. Why put a toxically sprayed herb into your body? Years ago this was not a concern but now many health conditions may be from effects of pesticides themselves!

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