Usage Guidelines for Essiac Herbs

Specific brewing instructions will arrive with your order. These are only guidelines for suggested amounts of tea.


The formula is based on a decoction originally developed and used by Canadian Indians. A decoction is a very special type of “tea.” Specific barks, roots, and leaves must be boiled, then carefully simmered for at least 6 hours in a special process. This is no simple tea. No synthetic preservatives, flavorings, alcohol, glycerin, or other ingredients should be added.

Herbs should be natural and unadulterated — organically grown or ethically wildcrafted — so taste and color may vary slightly from batch to batch. For example, herbs grown in Washington state taste different from those grown in California! Sheep Sorrel’s taste varies greatly from sweet to mellow depending on the growing area, and can even “deepen” and develop a smoother flavor after a few days in the refrigerator. Also, the amount and appearance may vary from bottle-to-bottle.

Distilled water is best for brewing the essiac formula. A lower standard of purity would decrease effectiveness of this product. With today’s high water-pollution levels, city tap water, bottled spring, or even “purified” drinking water can often leave much to be desired.

This decoction should be prepared with stainless steel vessels and instruments. Stainless steel, while much more costly than other metals, is the most sanitary and nonreactive. No harmful preservatives should be used. Preparation must be meticulous. Herbs are light-sensitive, so amber-colored glass bottles should be used to retain maximum potency and value.

Many users take the decoction as a “preventative” tonic, even if they are in good health — they want to stay in good health. It must be remembered that each of us has a different level of wellness. For example, a smoker will have a different accumulation of toxins than a non-smoker. Time to see results will vary with each user. Depending on your specific conditions, this could take as long as a year, although the majority of users report significant results within the first week.

Be reasonably patient when waiting to notice effects from taking the decoction; allow at least 60 days for a fair evaluation.

For all its possible positive benefits, we know of no negative side-effects reported over a 50-year period!

Many users have conducted their own personal tests by ceasing to take the decoction for a short time, only to find their physical condition returns to a “pre-tea” state. The decoction functions as an optimizer and detoxifier; it apparently has the unique ability to improve the efficiency of most of the body’s natural mechanisms.

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