Ojibwa Tea of Life and Essiac Pricing

farmLet’s be clear up front: there are other essiac sellers out there, some of them selling the tea at lower prices than we offer at Ojibwa Tea of Life.

It may sound odd, but we’re not afraid to admit that. That’s because we don’t compete on price – we compete on value.

The Most Important Thing…

Your health is of paramount importance, and the quality of what you put into your body directly impacts that health. All of us should be concerned with how we tend to our bodies! We believe that whole-heartedly, and it influences how we run our business.

We source our essiac herbs domestically, and they are packed fresh per order. We batch in small lots for maximum freshness. We know our products, and where and how they are sourced for our clients. How many herbal companies can say that?

Can you imagine a large supply house trying to track down the origin of their herbs? They have product sitting on the shelf in some dusty warehouse or shop, for weeks or months on end. Any customer of these big companies has to wonder where the herbs might have come from, and how long they’ve been sitting there.

The Ojibwa Tea of Life Difference

Because we’re a small boutique shop, we have the close connection to our farms. We know our vendors. We’ve visited their farms. We purchase from them in small quantities, precisely for the sake of avoiding the problem of herbs sitting around for a long time.

The trade off is that our products do cost more than some others’. We’re not afraid to admit it. Indeed, we take pride in offering herbs of much higher quality, for only a modest price difference.

You know that the herbal products you purchase from us (both essiac and our other offerings) are fresh and pure. Whether you’re an individual, a health professional, or a health store – rest assured that you’re buying the very best from us.

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