Ojibwa Tea of Life™ Loves Your Pets!

Our herbs are purchased every other week to provide maximum freshness. Ojibwa Tea of Life™ essiac is prepared with only a blend of four herbs. Per your request, we are available to create a custom blend for you containing additional herbs. However, this remedy is best used as the original 4- herb formula. The benefits of the four-herb formula are greater than single ingredients and have found this to nourish the body for more positive results. The tea is prepared with only a proprietary blend of four herbs. Many other commercial companies add additional herbs, detracting from the origin of this remedy – best used as the original Ojibwa formula with no other additions.

Your pet’s nutrition
A proper diet is the foundation of good health. Herbs, essences, and other treatments cannot give their full benefits to an animal on a poor diet.

Your Holistic Veterinarian
Your Holistic Veterinarian. Jean Hofve, DVM.

Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic™ for your well pet
Herbal Tonics and Well Pet Energy Essences. Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic™ herbal products are pure, non-irradiated, organically grown and affordable! Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic™ Well Pet Energy Essences promote maximum well-being for your pet’s mental, emotional, and spirit levels.
To the original four herb Essiac formula we have added Cat’s Claw and Astragalus to enhance the formula for pets.

Resources for you and your well pet.

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If your pet has a medical condition, please discuss all supplement use with your veterinarian.

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