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Useful books and publications to assist you on your path to well being.

Useful books and publications to assist you on your path to well being.

One of our favorite resources for health books is located at, or phone 414-231-9817. There you will find over 50 select health books!

Please also see our list of books by our veterinarian, available through Amazon and other sellers,  at the Books for Your Well Pet page.

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    Hope to Heal

    $30.00 $27.00
    Finally, a definitive “How To” guidebook to one of the most thorough and successful nutritional and detoxification programs available.
    Laurel Sander, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and her Team guide you step by step through the Hope to Heal Cleanse, a proven and effective program that will transform your life in 6 days and empower you for a lifetime.
  • Insomnia, Fatigue, and Cell Phone Towers


    Microwave radiation from cell phone towers may cause health related problems. Case reports, interviews, scientific research, testing equipment and self-help steps on how to keep microwave radiation out of your home are discussed.

  • Natural Remedies for Intestinal Health


    An inexpensive, self-help guide for many conditions of the digestive tract.

  • Immune Restoration Handbook


    The purpose of this book is to offer guidance for safe and natural remedies, and pathways to healing for those who suffer from life-long chronic illness, immune dysfunction, and imbalance.