Bronchial/Respiratory Wellness

Ajebine products for addressing respiratory complaints

Ajebine products for addressing respiratory complaints

Ajebine™ (funtumia elastica) has also been used in clinics and by natural health care practitioners in the USA as well as overseas. Ajebine™ is all natural relief for allergies and other  respiratory complaints. Our Ajebine™ does NOT contain any excipients (fillers) of any kind, and has been available for many years to the public. Other “brand names” also offer funtumia elastica.

We offer the best value and unsurpassed pure quality, with product licensed by the Health and Agriculture Ministry of Ghana. It is offered both to the practitioner and consumer alike at an excellent affordable price! Accept no substitutes – pure funtumia elastica is available in Powder or Capsule for your convenience!

Ajebine™ contains the pure powdered bark from a rubber tree native to western Africa. Ajebine (Funtumia elastica) is used in Ghana for asthma, allergies, and hay fever, along with other respiratory complaints.

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