Ojibwa (Essiac) Products

All products relating to the Ojibwa (Essiac) 4-herb blend.

All products relating to the Ojibwa (Essiac) 4-herb blend.

Certified Organic/Wildcrafted U.S.A. domestically grown herbs. Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is specifically blended fresh for each individual order.

Our herbs are purchased every other week to provide maximum freshness. Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is prepared with only a blend of four herbs. This is the original essiac formula that Rene Caisse developed as her final tea. The blend contains:

  • 35% Sheep Sorrel (leaf, stem, root and seed)
  • 54% Burdock Root (and seed)
  • 9% Slippery Elm inner bark
  • 2% Turkey Rhubarb root

The benefits of the four-herb formula are greater than single ingredients and have found this to nourish the body for more positive results. The tea is prepared with only a proprietary blend of four herbs. Many other commercial companies add additional herbs, detracting from the origin of this remedy—best used as the original Ojibwa formula with no other additions.

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Please note: We are not affiliated with any other company using the name Ojibwa Herbal Extract or Ojibwa Tea. We have been making these products for over 24 years and other companies have chosen to use a similar name on their products. Their products are not created in the same manner as ours.

Due to costs imposed by certified organic herb growers and our ethical wild-crafters; raw materials costs; and bottled tea production costs, prices may fluctuate. Please note that as we can, we will offer special sales when product costs allow for a reduction in price.