Equina Wellness Gift Pack B


Gift pack containing Equinabine, Equina Flourish, and Equina Nasal Balm.

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Gift package containing Equinabine, Equina Flourish and Equina Nasal Balm™.

Protect your horse with Equina Wellness products!

Receive three of our wonderful products in a gift packaged container with all of your favorites!

This beautifully packaged set includes:

Funtumia elastica for equine respiratory and immune system health.
Buy Equinabine separately here.

Equina Flourish
Advanced blend of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and herbs that support the horse’s digestive system, immune system, and joint health.
Buy Equina Flourish separately here.

Equina Nasal Balm™ – non breakable container
Healing Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Equina Respiratory System Health!
Buy Equina Nasal Balm™ separately here.

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