Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic


This is our PetEssiance formula in liquid extract form.

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By popular request, we have created our PetEssiance™ formula (tea that you brew) as a liquid extract.

Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic™ is that extract. It contains the same 6 herbs as our PetEssiance™ Herbal Tea.

Both Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic™ and our PetEssiance™ formulas are designed to help strengthen your pet’s immune system’s ability to fight degenerative ailments. Together the herbs in these formulas produce synergistic effects that enhance each herb’s beneficial properties.

Available as a traditional tea to brew (PetEssiance™), or an herbal extract (Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic™), only the finest organic and ethically wild-crafted herbs are used in our formulas. The blending of these herbs and extracts allows them to interact synergistically for stronger benefcial effects.

Choose one of these healthful products for your pet! They both have the exact same ingredients. Directions accompany your order. Try either our convenient new Ojibwa Herbal Pet Tonic™ or traditional PetEssiance™ to brew!

* As with any herbal or natural supplement, effectiveness varies with the health of the individual animal.

If your pet has a medical condition, please discuss all supplement use with your veterinarian.

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