PetEssiance – Feli-Essence Combo Pack


Contains both PetEssiance™ and PetEssiance™ Feli-Essence. Save almost $3.00 over the individual product prices!

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Contains both PetEssiance™ and Feli-Essence

Save almost $3.00 over the individual product prices!


Supports the animal’s immune, digestive, renal, hepatic and glandular systems, and promotes healthy functioning and gentle healing in all body systems.


For general overall emotional support and well-being of the normal cat. Some of the flower and additional energy remedies from the plant, sea and mineral kingdom are: Aspen, Blackberry, Canyon Dudleya, Cat’s Claw, Chamomile, Impatiens, Kaikoura NZ, Lotus, Prarier Dog, Rose of Sharon, plus additional energy essences that are created for this formula.

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If your pet has a medical condition, please discuss all supplement use with your veterinarian.

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