Respiratory Relief Combo Pack A


Buy together and save! One bottle of Ajebine™ capsules, and one bottle of Ajebine™ powder.

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Ajebine™ Powder and Capsules together. Save money! (valued at $101.45)

Ajebine™ Powder PLUS Ajebine™ Capsules!

Includes: 1 Bottle (2.5 oz./70 gram) Ajebine™ Powder and 1 Bottle/60 count (30 Gram) Ajebine™ Capsules.

Ajebine™ Powder:

A two month supply!
Buy Ajebine™ Powder separately here.

Ajebine™ Capsules:

Nature’s answer for respiratory complaints for the whole family!
Convenience of capsules!
Buy Ajebine™ Capsules separately here.

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