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Colon Health

Bowel cleansing is critical in any disease.

Although it is embarrassing to talk about, Americans have one of the highest incidences of Colon Cancer in the world. If you do not have regular bowel movements, and only go a few times a week, parasite larvae can hatch, hook onto the colon, and start feeding on backed up waste, and eventually your tissue.

14 Reasons to use Colon Comfort Formula™

  • Cilantro reduces heavy metals as shown in controlled studies.
  • Reduces food sensitivities. Scientific research finds L. Plantarum increases TH1 cytokines and reduces food sensitivities.
  • Hypoallergenic – no dairy, gluten or maltodextrin added.
  • Increases mucin production and rebuilds the mucus membranes of the intestines.
  • Prevents and helps to heal a leaky gut.
  • B. Longum increases IgA that supports mucosal immunity.
  • Creates a hostile environment for pathogenic (unfriendly flora) and other undesirable microbes.
  • Increases SCFA (butyrate, lactic acid, acetate and propionate acid) levels. Butyrate is fuel for colonic cells.
  • Friendly flora produce B vitamins (causes urine to turn yellow).
  • Supports mucosal and cell-mediated immunity.
  • Reduces stress on the kidneys by processing ammonia in the stools.
  • Reduces and prevents stool odor.
  • Promotes normal stools – large diameter and floaters.
  • Chinese parlsey (Cilantro) is a rich source of beta carotene and chlorophyll, a source of plant bound magnesium.

Q: Who should use Colon Comfort Formula™?
A:Anyone who wants the immune enhancement and balancing effects as well as the gastrointestinal benefits of these carefully selected strains of friendly flora. Leaky gut syndrome contributes to stress on the immune system and increases food intolerances. The strains selected help increase intestinal mucin production, a protective barrier that reduces unwanted allergens from passing through the mucosal barrier into the blood and provoking allergic reactions.

Each serving contains 5 billion friendly flora – one billion of each of the five strains – L. Acidophilus, B. Bifidum, B. Longum, L. Salivarius and L Plantarum.

Users praise this product as highly effective.

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Natural Remedies for Intestinal Health

Restoring intestinal health is one of the most neglected areas of modern medicine. TOXEMIA, the result of improperly digested foods and bad microbes in the large intestines, is a major contributing factor in all chronic disease.

Toxins produced by “unfriendly flora” in the colon are absorbed into the blood supply. The liver has the task of breaking these poisons down into metabolites that are removed from the body through bile, lymph system, kidneys and skin. Toxins in the large intestines contribute to liver toxicity, chronic fatigue, free radicals, poor blood circulation, an impaired immune response to viruses, fungus, microplasmas, bacteria and cancer.

Equally important as the bad effects of unfriendly flora are the loss of benefits from friendly flora – the bifido bacteria in the colon or large intestines and acidophilus for the small intestines.

These friendly flora produce a wide range of substances that are beneficial to the health of the intestines and to the immune system.

Good appetite, digestion, elimination and a healthy gastrointestinal tract are synonymous with “feeling normal” and even feeling great. Every person with a chronic condition involving the intestines needs an evaluation to pinpoint these neglected areas of health so they can take corrective action.

A ten point self evaluation guide

  1. Appetite: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor. Do you eat because you feel hungry or because it is time to eat? Do you eat for pleasure when you are not hungry?
  2. Diet: What do you eat? Wholesome grains, raw vegetables and fruits, cultured foods, easily digested proteins, freshly prepared vegetables or fruit juices; or, fast foods, pizza, white flour bread or pasta, French fries, high temperature cooked foods?
  3. How Do You Eat: Slowly, and mix saliva with each mouthful; or are you a fast eater and gulp your food down?
  4. Digestion: How do you digest your food? No problem, good, fair, poor or “I eat a meal and it just sits there in my stomach,” or does it come up and can you taste it hours later?
  5. Output/Quality of Stools: Healthy – large diameter and floaters; or unhealthy – sinkers and small diameter stools.
  6. Urine Color: A healthy medium to deep yellow color (sign of normal B vitamin presence) or just clear – like a glass of water.
  7. Body Temperature: A normal 98.6°F or less. How much lower is it? Did you know that as body temperature drops below normal, so does the ability of your immune system to fight infections? Low body Temperature = loss of immune function.
  8. Ability to Sweat: Essential to remove toxins from the cells. Inability to sweat may indicate a selenium deficiency.
  9. Sleep: Great, good, fair, poor, wake up frequently (can’t get back to sleep). Do you wake up feeling rested or tired?
  10. Saliva pH: normal 6.4 – lower pH levels may indicate a a calcium deficiency that impairs cellular and digestive function.

How is your score?

The answers to these 10 points of health indicate balance or imbalance, and gives you a personal overview of health-related areas that need attention.


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