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Windspirit Wellness Retreat

“Windspirit Wellness Retreat is nestled in a pristine valley on the Scenic byway to the Snake river on Wyakin Ranch. Wyakin is the Nez Perce word for steward or guardian, we are guardians of the land. This sanctuary lived in my heart for decades as I gained my education and experience as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Master Bodyworker, Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, and Energy Medicine Woman. Windspirit Medicine is a combination of knowledge in Western Medicine, Oriental Medicine and Native Medicine to help the person understand and unravel the patterns of dis-ease, to track the threads of emotions and learn the lifestyle that is the cure. Come transform your health in just 6 days and change the way you see the world and the way you will live the rest of your life.”

The World’s Best Alternative Cancer Care Treatments Puna Wai Ora


Puna Wai Ora have created a leading edge cancer website that details the link between stress, the immune system, and cancer development. Puna Wai Ora also provide a link to the world’s best alternative cancer care sites and treatments.

Intestinal Fitness, LLC

Board certified colonic and wellness therapist


A non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, and consumer choices.

As consumers increasingly migrate online to self-manage their health, more companies are realizing the importance of delivering rich, contextually relevant health information to help their customers make better decisions. Healthline DocSearch lets you search for over 1.3m nationwide healthcare providers based on age, gender, your health concern, hospital affiliation, proximity and much more. It is the only doctor search tool which supports comparisons across geography, across filter criteria or even across specialty.

  • SEARCH for doctors and caregivers using advanced filters.
  • COMPARE up to 20 different doctors at once.
  • CONNECT with contact info, maps and complete profiles.’s goal is to present you with the widest range of objective, trustworthy, and accurate health information on the web. is rich with health related information.

The American College for Advancement in Medicine


The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) is a not-for-profit medical society dedicated to educating physicians and other health care professionals on the latest findings and emerging procedures in preventive/nutritional medicine. ACAM’s goals are to improve skills, knowledge and diagnostic procedures as they relate to complementary and alternative medicine; to support research; and to develop awareness of alternative methods of medical treatment. From their site you can find an ACAM doctor in your area.

Nutrition and Cancer Resources

Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) is a national network of hospitals providing a comprehensive, fully integrated approach to cancer treatment. CTCA serves patients with advanced cancer from all 50 states at facilities located in suburban Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa and suburban Phoenix. CTCA has provided innovative cancer treatment for almost 30 years with a fully integrated model of cancer care that focuses on the individual needs of cancer patients. This translates into a merging of the conventional clinical treatments and technologies for fighting cancer (such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy), along with scientifically supported complementary therapies (such as nutrition, naturopathic medicine, mind-body medicine, oncology rehabilitation, pain management, and spiritual support, and others) which help mitigate side effects of treatment and maintain the immune system to improve each patient’s quality of life.

The Thermogram Center


Thermograms + Ultrasounds 100% Safe & Pain Free Breast Assessment No Radiation – No Compression – FDA Approved Multiple Locations Throughout Colorado To learn more, visit or call 303-664-1139

Mesothelioma Symptoms: Answers to some of the most common mesothelioma questions

Mesothelioma Doctors: Our website has the most up to date and comprehensive information regarding Mesothelioma on the web today; with information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options and steps to take after a diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center: Offering comprehensive asbestos and mesothelioma information, with an emphasis on the legal options available to asbestos victims and their families. The legal options available to asbestos victims are of the utmost importance, so that victims and their families can pay for medical expenses and receive compensation for the pain and suffering they endure.

Diet and Cancer (American Institute for Cancer Reserach)

Coping with Cancer: Nutrition During Treatment

Eating Hints Before, During, and After Treatment (National Cancer Institute)

Managing Eating Problems

Toxicity deeply affects all of us!

Here are some excellent links on many types of toxicity that is of critical concern and of great interest! Please visit these sites.

Raising Children Toxic Free


Raising Children Toxic Free. A newsletter on Earth Day Sunday, April 21, 2002, by by Shantilal P. Bhagat. All children need our commitment to be better stewards of the Earth so that their health, safety and success might be insured. Lots of information and links.

Environmental Working Group


The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a not-for-profit environmental research organization dedicated to improving public health and protecting the environment by reducing pollution in air, water and food.

Health and Wellness

The Option Institute


Take everything you thought you knew about human behavior – and give it one giant twist. “At The Option Institute, people learn to use the unique tools and courses we’ve developed over the past quarter century. As they do, they discover the beliefs that fuel uncomfortable and ineffective responses.” “At The Option Institute, we provide powerful resources for change-while accepting people unconditionally as they are. The results are amazing. Your life will be too.”

The GFCF Diet Official Website


Since 1999, the GFCF Diet Website has been a free resource for any parent who needs support implementing the GFCFDiet. It provides a central location for parents to find other parents who are also using Dietary Therapy. It is the largest resource of it’s kind on the Internet, not only providing lists of products to help guide you through the grocery stores but also other relevant information which will assist every parent using the GFCFDiet.

Our Stolen Future


BOOK: Our Stolen Future. A scientific detective story that explores the emerging science of endocrine disruption; how some synthetic chemicals interfere with the ways that hormones work in humans and wildlife. This site is the web home for the authors of Our Stolen Future, where we provide regular updates about the cutting edge of science related to endocrine disruption. Mental Health Communities


A community of people providing mental health information, support and the opportunity to share experiences helpful to others. Information on psychological disorders, psychiatric medications, mental health chats, support groups, journals, online psychological tests, breaking mental health news. Health Forum Books: Do you want an introductory and yet comprehensive guide to healing intestinal problems and the immune system? This inexpensive series of ebooks is designed to fill this need. Written from the perspective of parents of the autistic and by people who have gone through similar problems, these books lead you through the latest biological treatment options – where to get the tests, where to get the products, how to take the products, usual sequence of treatment, and potential side effects to look for. Visit to learn more. Constipation Resource Center: Constipation and Colon Cleansing Resource Center. Provides information on constipation and its treatments. Contains over forty articles on constipation and colon cleansing.

Camp Alandale: “A Special Place for Abused Children”

Camp Alandale is a Christian camp whch ministers to abused and neglected children through a mountain camping program. Since 1980, over 3,000 of these special children have been touched by Jesus with the help of many volunteer counselors.

BloomingKids: Educational software specifically designed for children with autism/PDD, slow learners and others who require early intervention.

The Family of Light: The Family of Light is an international mobile healing center, offering healing, channeling, and educational forums around the globe.

Spirituality and healing: Holistic learning center, Spiritual meditation, Spirituality and healing – Transformations – Philadelphia’s premier Holistic Learning Center – Provide professional coaching services, groups and workshops to individuals and organizations.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music: Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.


The Meatrix: An animated movie about factory farms (turn on your speakers!) Info concerning factory farming vs. sustainable agriculture.

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