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Ojibwa Tea of Life™ is now offering Ajebine™ for Allergy, Asthma, Hayfever Relief

Vast positive changes have allowed us to procure our own source of the same exact ingredient, which is the bark from the funtumia elastica tree. Our new source and supplier will allow us to provide the finest funtumia elastica to retail, wholesale customers and health care providers. The change in supplier allows us to increase the product offerings and stock a new exceptional product line! This product line will include a variety of wonderful African Botanicals for health support!

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Ajebine™ contains no fillers or excipients.

Since overseas ordering of some supplements is becoming more difficult, our Allergy, Asthma, Hayfever Relief African Botanicals product line allows you to purchase directly from the USA. The African Botanical products will be available to other distributors and agents in the US. Our international agents will be offering the products outside of the US, as well. We are happy to send orders world-wide wherever importation is allowed.

There are few marketers of funtumia elastica, and a “trade name” or company name is simply added by an individual importer. Our supplier has chosen the name Ajebine™ – which is the funtumia elastica product. The new line will additionally feature several Africa Botanicals. All products will be available to individuals, health care professionals, wholesale and retail stores. We are happy to continue to bring additional indigenous remedies for our customers.

The government in Ghana has licensed our supplier to import the herbs and raw materials that are used to prepare the African Botanical products that we will be offering. We are starting with the funtumia products called Ajebine™, which is offered in capsules and powder and the companion all-natural sinus spray called Quick n’ Clear™. Other African Botanicals will be added soon to accommodate the offerings to benefit wellness. There will also be an economical funtumia elastica powder packaged for use with horses! Watch for these wonderful products to expand on our web site!

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