Variations in Essiac Herb Color and Flavor

farm“Why do some essiac herbs vary in color and flavor from batch to batch?”

We get this question a fair amount, and it’s usually accompanied by customers worrying about the quality of their tea. Generally it’s along the lines of:

  • Is there something wrong with my batch?
  • Is this order less efficacious than the last order I got?
  • Have the herbs gone rotten or rancid somehow?
  • Are the herbs safe?
  • Are there different herbs in this order?

First of all, allow us to assure you that the herbs are safe, and our formula remains the same as it’s always been. We follow the original 4-herb formula as described by nurse Rene Caisse. (More details here and here!)

So what’s going on? Why do some batches of the essiac herbs have different colors and/or flavors?

The Answer

Put simply, it all comes down to growing conditions. While the herbal constituents remain the same, and the proportions of the herbs are kept consistent, the conditions in which they’re grown DO vary from time to time.

We’ve built a network of farms that we source our ingredients from, so that we always have our herbs in stock. Whatever time of year it is, we have fresh herbs on hand from which to make our dry tea. This ensures that you’ll always have access to fresh essiac herbs.

Moreover, our practice of sourcing from multiple farms provides some redundant backups. If one farm has trouble producing their herbs, we can always use herbs from another farm. This keeps us viable as a business, and keeps your supply of essiac unimpeded.

Because we do source from multiple farms, the growing conditions at those various farms is always different. Many factors play a role in determining the final product. These include:

  • altitude
  • air quality
  • soil conditions

We believe in the power of nature, and we do our best to use nature’s gifts as honestly as possible. That means that we don’t subject our herbs to a litany of processing. While over-processing the herbs might lead to a more consistent appearance and flavor, we prefer to use them as nature gives them to us. Our herbs are always unadulterated, organic, and wildcrafted.

Nature gives us many wonderful variations every day. No two sunsets are ever exactly alike! In the same way, no two batches of our essiac and other herbal products are ever 100% alike. We hope you’ll agree that that’s a good thing!

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