Why Some Sellers/Marketers “Make Claims” About Their Products

Look hard enough around the internet and you will find some sellers of herbal products making claims about the efficacy of their product. “Our product cures XYZ!” “Use our product and you’ll never suffer from ABC again!” And so on.

At the root of this practice is the desire to sway potential customers to buying their product, which is usually produced in bulk and left on warehouse shelves to grow stale and lose whatever efficacy it may have had in the first place.

Beware marketing tactics like this! For one thing, it is against federal law to make claims of this nature. But that’s not the only hazard.

The other – far more serious – concern is the risk of serious harm to anyone who buys into the hype. Without visiting a medical expert (i.e.: certified and licensed health care professional), an individual’s particular condition cannot be properly evaluated.

Health and health-related products are not one-size-fits-all. In many cases, an individual with a serious medical condition may be dissuaded from seeking professional attention, opting instead to try a product making blanket claims such as the examples above.

At Ojibwa Tea of Life, we always recommend that customers consult a medical professional for assistance in determining the best regimen for their situation.

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